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Venture Builder

Venture Builder Service supports entrepreneurs to challenge aside their regular business. By controlling risks and failure factors likely to occur in the upper process of entrepreneurship, we provide environment and resources where entrepreneurs could make their upmost challenge.

Venture Builder
  • Management ownership

    We design a system for entrepreneurs to lead the business startup. We let them acquire most stocks when they make a spin-out, which means they can eventually earn steady financial return.

  • Minimizing business startup risks

    Upon commercialization, we minimize excessive risks which may occur in the upper process of entrepreneurship. We also control income reduction risk since we provide environment where entrepreneurs are able to challenge aside their regular business in the initial phase, and earn salary during the following process.

  • Dynamic support system and asset

    With a hospitable manner, we provide rich expertise through numerous support experience – like advice from entrepreneurship specialists and knowledge from product development veterans. Entrepreneurs may take advantage of other candidates' collective knowledge, too.


All sorts of risks and difficulties are inevitable during the initial phase of startups. Venture Builder Service lets entrepreneurs challenge new businesses by consisting two factors – an environment that could let new business startup within an organization, and financial return when a startup business makes success.

  • Issues upon starting new businesses
  • Solutions provided by Venutre Builder
  • Quitting current job and starting a business all at once takes financial risks


    Continue being employed and plan, research, test aside regular job. During development and management phase, Delight Ventures will employ you

  • Lacking time to prepare and process new business


    A limited-time business launch program – an environment where you could improve yourself with other candidates in a similar phase

  • Business idea is undecided


    Provision of issue discovery framework and business idea stocks

  • Risks of failing a business, e.g., lack of consumer needs


    Business startup specialists will evaluate business plans and support business testing

  • Could not form product development team


    An MVP development structure formed by engineers with abundant experience in starting up

  • Could not take ownership nor have financial return upon succeeding


    Entrepreneurs may acquire most stocks (82% to the founder, 18% to Delight Ventures) when spinning out.

Venture Builder Process

Through each phase – from issue research to spin-out (external financing) – The professionals of Delight Ventures will team with entrepreneurs and process new businesses together. Upon proceeding to each process, we make budget approval (investment decisions).

  • 1

    2 months

    Issue research, planning

    Evaluation budget: 0.1 million JPY

    • Details of support:
    • Issue target and subject discovery
    • Idea statement
    • Make testing plan
  • 2

    3 months

    Pre-development evaluation

    Evaluation budget: 1 million JPY

    • Detailed issue prehention, scale calculation
    • Confirmation of product feasibility
    • Customer reach testing
    • Value testing using product prototype
    • Prepare development structure
    • When making immediate independence: Recruitment and fund raising
  • 3

    6 months

    Initial development and testing

    Development management budget: 12 million JPY

    • Make team
    • Initial development
    • Company start-up
    • Initial customer traction acquirement and testing
  • 4

    3-6 months

    Management and financing

    Development management budget: 12 million JPY

    • Development continuation
    • Customer traction acquirement and testing
    • Recruiting
    • Fund raising
  • 5


Participation method of EIR (Entrepreneur in Residence):
  • ① Issue research, planning
  • ② Pre-development evaluation
    • Activities are proceeded aside regular job
    • Estimated workload: 20 to 30%
    • NDA conclusion
  • ③ Initial development and testing
  • ④ Management and financing
    • Fixed-term employment at Delight Ventures
      (Employees of DeNA will work upon job assignment system)
    • Workload: 100%
  • Activities are proceeded aside regular job
  • Estimated workload: 20 to 30%
  • NDA conclusion
  • Fixed-term employment at Delight Ventures
    (Employees of DeNA will work upon job assignment system)
  • Workload: 100%
Investment decision factors
  • Business ideas
    Business ideas
    • Requirement of potential issue and deep understanding toward it
    • The amount of the potential issue (economically converted into 100 billion JPY)
    • The feasibility of the solution
    • The superiority of the solution
    • The participation timing
  • 起業家
    Entrepreneurs(management team)
    • Business skills:
      New business launch lead, area of expertise, creativity, management
    • Success experience:
      Charisma, integrity, mental strength, passion, mind to challenge
    • Personality:
      Intelligence, propulsiveness, power to involve others, persistency, communication skills, hacking skills

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