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Venture Builder

In Venture Builder, we provide an environment to support entrepreneurs who have a regular job to be able to pursue entrepreneurship on the side. We control the risks and failure factors that tend to occur in the early stages of the entrepreneurial process, and in so doing provide an environment to enable entrepreneurs to focus on taking on new challenges.

Venture Builder
  • Management ownership

    We encourage the entrepreneur to take the lead in launching and growing their business, and the entrepreneur takes a majority share when the business is spun out. Our system ensures a good financial return for the entrepreneur.

  • Minimizing business startup risks

    We do a variety of testing to minimize unnecessary risks that often occur in the early stages of starting a business. The entrepreneur also faces less risk of reduced income, as in the initial stages they can continue their regular job, and in the later stages they can still earn a salary while pursuing their vision.

  • Dynamic support system & assets

    We provide considerable support, including our know-how gained from our experience supporting a variety of startups to date, advice from our entrepreneurial experts, and insights from developing an incredible array of products. Entrepreneurs will also have the chance to leverage the collective knowledge of the other entrepreneurial candidates.


All sorts of risks and difficulties are inevitable during the initial phase of startups. Through the Venture Builder Service, entrepreneurs can take on the challenge of building a new business from within a corporate environment while still receiving financial returns when the startup business succeeds.

  • Issues when starting a new business
  • Solutions provided by Venture Builder
  • Quitting the current job and starting a business presents risks to financial livelihood


    Entrepreneurs continue to be employed at the regular job while doing planning and testing in off hours and then are employed by Delight Ventures during the development and operations phase

  • I want to start prep work for a new business, but I do not have time to make progress


    Delight Ventures provides a limited-time business launch program where candidates can work with others in the same phase to develop their businesses

  • Business idea is still up in the air


    Delight Ventures provides a framework for discovering issues and a list of potential business ideas

  • Risk of the business failing, e.g. lack of consumer need


    Business startup specialists will evaluate business plans and provide support for business testing

  • Cannot put together a product development team


    MVP development structure including engineers with abundant startup experience

  • Unable to take ownership, and no financial return if successful


    Upon spinout, the entrepreneur will take the majority shareholding (82% to the entrepreneur, 18% to Delight Ventures)

Venture Builder Challenge

Venture Builder Challenge

Venture Builder Challenge, a startup support program operated
by Delight Ventures.

Venture Builder Challenge

Venture Builder Challenge

Venture Builder Challenge,
a startup support program operated


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