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Creating businessthat moves the world

Can a country achieve further development when not failing is valued more than taking on a challenge? Should entrepreneurs waste their time on financing rather than working to fulfill their dreams?In 2019, Delight Ventures was founded as a venture capital firm aiming to help startups and entrepreneurs emerge from Japan and go out into the world. Founded by an entrepreneur who developed DeNA from zero to a major tech company, the firm now attempts to make use of that knowledge for Japan's future – to support startups who are about to create great value for society, and entrepreneurs passionate about making their visions a reality.Now is the time to create business that moves the world with us.

Delight Ventures

5 Promises

Delight Ventures is an independent venture capital firm by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs, and we have committed to the following five promises to support entrepreneurs and produce large-scale businesses. We will sincerely engage in our work with a high ethical standard on the basis of these five promises.

  • Entrepreneurs first

    This is what we value most. We stand on the side of the entrepreneur, put their success as our top priority, and give our all to supporting them. We build on the practical business experience of Tomoko Namba who built the now large company DeNA from the ground up, and will consult as needed, being an equal partner to help entrepreneurs strive towards global scale business expansion.

  • Speedy decision-making

    We are an independent venture capital firm able to make decisions ourselves. This enables us to make speedy decisions, with no need to demand strategic synergy. We support entrepreneurs by ensuring they are not exhausted by the back and forth of fundraising and instead can focus their valuable time on making their vision come true.

  • Future value over short-term profits

    We often hear that other venture capital firms tend to push for a quick listing on the stock exchange, or make contracts that require executives to make stock purchases or personal guarantees. We give our all to supporting entrepreneurs who take on the challenge of creating major value, rather than focusing on short-term profits. Our mission is to maximize the mid to long term business, and we pay close attention to make sure our contracts are not against the interests of the entrepreneur.

  • Failure is valuable

    We put a premium value on people who have experienced failure. Entrepreneurs who have experienced failure are better positioned to learn from that experience and achieve great success on their next try. Our wish is to support entrepreneurs courageous enough to go off the beaten path, and we want to be a solid foundation for them to devote their attention to taking on new challenges.

  • Global standard

    We aim to support entrepreneurs who are trying to create great value for society. At times, Japanese customs may become a bottleneck for that goal. We provide knowhow about global standards to startups, and work with them to strive towards global scale business expansion.


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