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Creating businessthat moves the world

Can a country achieve further development when "unfailing" is valued more than challenge?Should entrepreneurs waste time for financing rather than fulfilling their goals?In 2019, Delight Ventures founded as a venture capital for startups and entrepreneurs to emerge from Japan to the world.Found by an entrepreneur who developed DeNA from zero to a mega venture, the firm now attempts to make use of their knowledge to Japan's future – to support startups who are about to create great values to the society, and entrepreneurs passionate about realizing their visions.Now is the time to create business that moves the world with us.

Delight Ventures

5 Promises

To produce and promote large business by supporting entrepreneurs with a sincere attitude, Delight Ventures holds five pledges. We will make effort in our services with high standard of ethical values based in these.

  • Entrepreneurs first

    This is what we value most. We are a fund that stands ultimately from an entrepreneur’s perspective, put their success on top priority and support them. Making most of Namba’s business experience at DeNA where she developed the firm from zero to a mega venture, we will appropriately make consultation when in need as equal partners, and aim for global scale business expansion together.

  • Decision with speed

    We are an independent venture capital firm where we hold the right to decide within the company. Therefore, our advantage is to make decision with speed without synergy in vain. With our support, entrepreneurs can focus on using their time only to realize their visions before getting exhausted about financing.

  • Future value means more than short-term profits

    It is often said that other venture capital firms are apt to force urgent listing on the stock exchange, or make contracts that requires stock purchase or individual bonds to company managers. With all might, we support entrepreneurs who challenges to make great value than short-term profits. Our mission is to contribute to business maximization in a medium- and long-term perspective, and of course we pay close attention to prepare contract that will not become a disadvantage for entrepreneurs.

  • Failure valued as Premium

    We believe those who can take advantage of failure are able to achieve great success – This is why we give Premium rating to those who have experienced failure. We hope to be a base for entrepreneurs to take courage to deviate from the path and be eager to challenge.

  • Global standard

    We aim to support entrepreneurs who are about to create great values to the society. At times, Japanese customs may be a bottleneck to do so. To realize global scale business expansion, we provide global standard expertise to startup companies.


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