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Venture Investment

Through our Venture Investment Service, we invest in promising seed/early-stage startups from Japan and support them to soar to the global field, including overseas expansion.

Venture Investment
  • Run by entrepreneurs and business practitioners

    Primarily run by entrepreneurs and business practitioners including Tomoko Namba, we give necessary support with partners, capitalists, and specialists of marketing, promotion, finance, and strategic planning.

  • Global professional experience

    Two of our managing partners, both with professional experience outside Japan, reside at United States. They will provide startups with global standard expertise and support worldwide business challenges.

  • Plenty of rich network

    We jointly run an alumni community of DeNA. Startups may have frequent information exchange opportunities with the abundant connection of former employees. We also offer recruitment to investment companies.

Investment Policy

We focus on investing in businesses that follow three policies as below:

  • Businesses that resolve information asymmetry and empower the weak

    Businesses that resolve information asymmetry and empower the weak

    Businesses which gives solution to information asymmetry that lies between consumers and companies, employees and employers, entrepreneurs and investors or the entire society, as well as imbalanced transactional relationship caused by it.

  • Businesses that dramatically improve social productivity

    Businesses that dramatically improve social productivity

    Businesses which fulfills the power of technology and gives solution to out-of-date, inefficient procedures or systems lacking balance, often latent in the society or a particular industry.

  • Businesses that directly contribute to social sustainability

    Businesses that directly contribute to social sustainability

    Businesses which contributes to the society in a long-term social sustainability, giving solutions to issues of the environment, health and benefits, equal opportunity, and other matters caused by capitalism laying emphasis on stakeholder supremacy.

Investment target
and conditions

  • Stage:
    Mainly in Pre-seed to Series A
  • Business type:
    Those who give solution to a considerable issue in the society or the market
  • Lead or Follow:
    Mainly lead, follow is acceptable

Nevertheless exeptions of the conditions above, we will consider investing.

Investment Process

Investment decision will be made in two weeks at the earliest, one to two months in average.

  • 1

    First interview, initial examination
    After an interview with the Investment Manager, we will make initial examination before deciding to advance to the next step.
  • 2

    Due diligence
    Conducted while Q&A, feedback session for business plan and other documents.
  • 3

    Management presentation
    Presentation and discussion to Managing Partners (Namba, Watanabe, Asako)
  • 4

    Final decision
    After making final decision at the investment committee, we will offer investment conditions, etc.

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