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Venture Investment

In Venture Investment, we invest in promising seed and early-stage startups from Japan and support their growth, helping them to take off globally.

Venture Investment
  • Run by entrepreneurs and experienced business managers

    Venture Investment is run by our entrepreneurs and experienced business managers, including Tomoko Namba, and we give the required support of our partners, capitalists, marketing, PR, finance, and strategic planning.

  • Global professional experience

    Two of our managing partners, both with professional experience outside Japan, reside in the United States. They provide startups with expertise on global standards and support those taking on the challenge of creating a global-scale business.

  • Extensive network

    We work with DeNA to maintain a community of DeNA alumni. We set up frequent information exchange and collaboration opportunities with people active in startups, and also offer recruitment opportunities to our investment target companies.

Investment Policy

We focus on businesses in the following three areas for investment.

  • Businesses that resolve information asymmetry

    Businesses that resolve information asymmetry

    Businesses that resolve information asymmetries that exist in society, including between consumers and companies, employees and employers, and entrepreneurs and investors, as well as the unfair transactional relationships that occur as a result.

  • Businesses that dramatically improve social productivity

    Businesses that dramatically improve social productivity

    Businesses that harness the power of technology to resolve out-of-date, inefficient procedures or unbalanced systems that are often present in society and particular industries.

  • Businesses that directly contribute to social sustainability

    Businesses that directly contribute to social sustainability

    Businesses that contribute to long-term social sustainability by resolving issues caused by capitalism with an overemphasis on shareholders, including problems in the environment, health and welfare, and equal opportunity.

Investment targets
& conditions

  • Stage:
    Mainly pre-seed to series A
  • Business type:
    Businesses that resolve major issues in society or the market

*We will still consider investment even if the above conditions are not applicable.

Investment Process

Investment decisions will be made in two weeks at the earliest, and on average in one to two months.

  • 1

    First interview, initial examination
    After an interview with an Investment Manager, we will make an initial examination before deciding to advance to the next step.
  • 2

    Due diligence
    Due diligence will be conducted while also engaging in Q&A and dialogue about the business plan and other documents.
  • 3

    Management presentation
    A presentation and discussion with our Managing Partners (Namba, Watanabe, Asako) will take place.
  • 4

    Final decision
    After the final decision is made by the investment committee, we will provide our offer, including investment terms, etc.

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